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Ethical Beauty: Cruelty-Free Hair and Makeup Products You’ll Love

In today's world, consumers are searching for beauty products that not only perform, but are ethical too. Sustainability and cruelty-free practices are becoming more important than ever and have opened up new markets for companies. Here are some of our top-rated hair and makeup products certified by Leaping Bunny - the only endorsement we trust for 100% cruelty-free assurance for haircare and makeup brands.

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ILIA Beauty Color Block High Impact Lipstick

  • Our Fave Shade: Tango

  • RRP: AUD 38.00

  • Description: Enriched with nourishing oils and waxes, this lipstick delivers vibrant color while moisturizing lips.


Burt's Bees Eye Shadow Trio

  • Our Fave Shade: Dusky Woods

  • RRP: AUD 19.99

  • Description: Natural formula with bamboo and vitamin E, providing blendable, long-wear color.

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented® Eye Shadow

  • Our Fave Shade: Tahiti

  • RRP: AUD 41.00

  • Description: Made with fruit pigments and botanical extracts, this eyeshadow provides rich color and long-lasting wear.


Gabriel Moisturizing Liquid Foundation

  • RRP: AUD 39.95

  • Description: This liquid foundation offers buildable coverage and moisturizes skin with ingredients like aloe vera and sea fennel extract.

BB Cream:

Andalou Naturals’ Brightening Vitamin C BB Beauty Balm Sheer Tint SPF 30

  • RRP: AUD 29.99

  • Description: This BB cream provides sheer coverage, brightens skin with vitamin C, and offers SPF 30 protection. What more could you want?


Glossier Cloud Paint Blush

  • Our Fave Shade: Dusk

  • RRP: AUD 30.00

  • Description: This gel-cream blush blends seamlessly for a natural, flushed look.


100% Pure The Black Tea Long Last Liquid Eyeliner

  • Our Fave Shade: Black

  • RRP: AUD 43.00

  • Description: Infused with antioxidant-rich black tea and pigmented with cocoa and black tea leaves, this liquid eyeliner offers precise application and long-lasting wear.

E.L.F. Intense H20 Proof Eyeliner Pen

  • Our Fave Shade: Jet Black

  • RRP: AUD 12.95

  • Description: These eyeliner pens offer intense color and long-lasting wear, perfect for creating precise lines or bold looks.


Milk Makeup KUSH High Volume Mascara

  • RRP: AUD 36.00

  • Description: Infused with hemp-derived cannabis oil, this mascara volumizes and conditions lashes.

Hair Care:

Ethique Eco-Friendly Solid Shampoo Bar

  • Our Fave Type: Frizz Wrangler

  • RRP: AUD 22

  • Description: Sustainable, plastic-free shampoo bar for frizzy and dry hair.


Lula Skincare's Potion Serum

  • RRP: AUD 55.00

  • Description: Infused with potent botanical extracts and vitamins, this serum hydrates, brightens, and rejuvenates the skin.

By selecting these cruelty-free hair and makeup products, you can not only look good but can feel good too, knowing you are contributing to a more sustainable and humane world.

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