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  • What is Stylist Hunter?
    Stylist Hunter is a free service that helps clients (that's yourself!) find a reputable, local, top-level hairstylist or makeup artist. Through the Stylist Hunter portal, you can post a booking request and receive customised quotes from available stylists direct to your inbox. All of the stylists in our network have been thoroughly checked and rated to ensure we are only recommending the best in the business. This takes the guesswork and hassle out of searching for a stylist for hours online and filling out multiple contact forms with different companies.
  • How does it work?
    It's simple! > Complete a Booking Request Form > Receive Quotes from Stylists > Choose a Stylist and Book! From the Stylist Hunter homepage ( you can choose your location, then complete the form with your booking information. This is then forwarded to our network of top-level hair and makeup artists (don't worry, we keep your contact information private until you have made a booking). Any stylists who are available on your date will provide you with a quote which comes direct to your inbox via Stylist Hunter. You can then view the stylist's bio and portfolio, and if you like what you see, you can click a link to book them online. From here, your stylist will get in touch with you to finalise all details for your appointment. Easy!
  • Am I booking with Stylist Hunter, or through the Stylist directly?
    Stylist Hunter serves to introduce you to your stylist and facilitate the relationship between you. Although the booking form is hosted on the Stylist Hunter website, as per the disclaimer below the booking form, you are booking directly through the stylist's own company. You can see their ABN details in this disclaimer, and as soon as you submit your booking form you will receive your Stylist's direct contact number and email address. All of the stylists we recommend have been thoroughly vetted and as such we are 100% confident in the service you will be receiving.
  • If this is a FREE service, what's in it for Stylist Hunter?
    Yes, this is a totally FREE service for the client! It costs you absolutely nothing to use Stylist Hunter. We will do all the running around for you, and we don't ask for a cent to do so. When a booking is made, the Stylist will then provide Stylist Hunter with a small renumeration as a 'thank you' for facilitating the relationship and booking. We think this is the perfect scenario which allows us to take care of our clients (you won't pay us anything!) and the stylists we recommend (they will only pay us when we have helped create work for them!), whilst still allowing us to do what we love... taking the hassle out of finding an amazing stylist and connecting people with the best in the business! It's a WIN/WIN for everyone!
  • Which areas do you service?
    We currently service all of Melbourne, Victoria and Perth, Western Australia. We also have some stylists who are based in Perth that are willing to travel down to the South West region of WA for larger bookings. Travel fees and occasionally accommodation fees do apply for this service.
  • If I am having issues, or haven't heard from my Stylist, what should I do?
    We are always available if you have any issues or need to chat. Please email us at or use the contact form on our website. We have chosen our network of stylists based on their track record of reliability and excellent customer service, so we don't anticipate issues are likely to arise. But just in case, you know you can reach us anytime :) We appreciate and welcome any feedback you may have about our service and your stylist. This helps to strengthen our service - which is so important! Please feel free to message us with any input.
  • I've made a booking, but the Stylist has since booked out. What happens to my deposit?
    If you have received a quote and then booked, but your stylist has since become booked out or is no longer available on your date, we will most definitely refund any deposit you have paid via Stylist Hunter. Please email us at to let us know and we will arrange a refund asap. You can also read our refund policy here:
  • What is your refund policy?
    Please see our refund policy here:
  • How do you choose which stylists are worthy of being recommended?
    Stylist Hunter was founded by Jacqueline Parker, who personally worked as a hairstylist and makeup artist in Melbourne from 2006. In 2012, Jacqueline began a talent agency for stylists, which operates in both Perth and Melbourne. The accumulation of over 16 years experience and tireless networking has allowed Jacqueline to develop a keen eye for talent, as well as in depth know-how of the who's who in the business! The criteria used to recruit Hair and Makeup Artists to the Stylist Hunter team is as follows: > Our Personal Experience with a Stylist > The Quality of the Stylist's Portfolio > Number of Years Experience > Client Reviews and Star Ratings > Education Undertaken > Personality and Work Ethic > Awards & Special Credentials Earned > Price Points to Suit All Budgets > Personal Recommendation from Another Stylist we Know and Trust
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